About Us

ARCONE Group is an Egyptian entity containing two companies (ARCONE Consultants) and (ARCONE Developments) serving customers' needs from designing their space from scratch all the way to providing their ready built home or work space.

ARCONE Consultants

ARCONE Consultants© Originally, the Design office started in 1992 under the name of EDEC (Engineering Design Center). The Mission of this design office was to deliver design solutions for small/medium scale projects including residential villas, apartment buildings, medium-scale hospitals and office buildings, including interior design. In addition to providing design solutions, EDEC offered construction supervision services as well. The naming of EDEC changed to (ARCONE Consultants©) in 2011 as a part of the mother company (ARCONE Group) among other branches.

ARCONE Developments

ARCONE Developments©
ARCONE Developments© (AD) is part of ARCONE Group. Beside ARCONE Consultants that is specialized in engineering design services, AD is all about Real Estate Development and investment. Professionally handling Real Estate projects, focusing on both aesthetics and function, and delivering uniquely designed units to our customers is our mission. Starting from allocating the project site on urban basis down to the smallest detail in designing floor plans thanks to ARCONE Consultants© team, every step is pushed to the limit to help deliver the top of the range quality to our valued customers.

Why Us

ARCONE Group focuses not only on offering engineering services and Real Estate units to its precious customers, but stands out in providing the ultimate design solutions and the perfect ready to use spaces that fulfill the needs of all tastes, functionally and aesthetically.